Philosophy Societies

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All India Society for Phenomenological Studies (AISPS)

American Philosophical Association

American Philosophical Society

American Society for Aesthetics

Ancient Philosophy Society

Arbeitsgruppe Phanomenologie und neuere franzosische Philosophie

Aristotelian Society

Associacao Portuguesa de Filosofia Fenomenologia (AFFEN)

Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP)

Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking (AILACT)

Association Internationale des Professeurs de Philosophie

Associazione Italiana Studi di Estetica (A.I.S.E. )

Australian Society for Continental Philosophy (ASCP)

British Philosophical Association

British Society for Phenomenology

British Society of Aesthetics (BSA)

British Society for Ethical Theory (BSET)

British Society for Phenomenology (BSP)

British Undergraduate Philosophy Society

Budapest Mind Society

Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy

Canadian Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences

Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science

Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer phaenomenologische Forschung

Ethics Institute

European Centre for Ontological Research (ECOR)

European Society for Analytic Philosophy (ESAP)

European Society for Early Modern Philosophy

Federation Internationale des Societes de Philosophie

Forum for European Philosophy

Friedrich Nietzsche Society

Gabriel Marcel Society

Gesellschaft fur Analytische Philosophie

Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium

Hegel Society of Great Britain (HSGB)

Hume Society

Hegel Society of America

Hegel-Institut Berlin

Hume Society

Institut fur Axiologische Forschungen

Institut Wiener Kreis

Institute for Critical Thinking

Institute for Global Ethics

Institute for Human Studies

Institut international de philosophie

Institute for Law and Philosophy, Pensylvania

Institute for Law and Philosophy, Rutgers

Institute for Law and Philosophy, San Diego

Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy

Institute for Saint Anselm Studies

Instituto de Filosofia, Madrid

International Association for the Philosophy of Sport

International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS)

International Society for Utilitarian Studies

Jacques Maritain Center

Japan Popper Society

Japanese Society for Aesthetics

John Dewey Society

Karl Japres Society of North America

Konrad Lorenz Institut for Evolution and Cognition Research

Kurt Goedel Society

Law and Philosophy Society, Harvard

Law and Society Association

Leibniz Center for Law



Manchester Centre for Political Theory

Marx and Philosophy Society


Merleau-Ponty Circle

Metaphysical Society of America

Mind Association

Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science (MCPS)

Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA)


North American Fichte Society (NAFS)

North American Kant Society

North American Levinas Society

North American Nietzsche Society

North American Wittgenstein Society

North Carolina Philosophical Society

North Texas Philosophical Association (NTPA)

Norvegian Soren Kierkegaard Society

Ockham Society

Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation (OSSA)

Oxford Center for Ethics and Philosophy of Law

Phenomenological Society of Ljubljana

Philosophical Society of England

Philosophy of Education Society

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

Philosophy International

Philosophy of Science Association

Plato Society

Polanyi Society

Ralph Waldo Emerson Society

Research Group John Duns Scotus

Rousseau Association

Royal Institute of Philosophy


Sociedad de Filosofia Medieval

Sociedade Portuguesa de Filosofia

Societe Internationale des Amis de Montaigne

Societe Internationale pour l’Etude de la Philosophie Medievale

Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy

Society for Applied Philosophy

Society for Empirical Ethics

Society for Ethics

Society for German Idealism

Society for Machines and Mentality

Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

Society for Philosophical Inquiry

Society for Philosophy in Practice

Society for Philosophy and Technology

Society for Skeptical Studies

Society fro Stady of Prosses Philosophies

Society for Women in Philosophy in UK

Soren Kierkegaard Society of the United Kingdom

Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics

Thomas Instituut Utrecht

Thoreau Society

U.K. Kant Society

Vereniging Het Spinozahuis

Voltaire Society of America

Warburg Institute

Wiener Gesellschaft fur interkulturelle Philosophie

William James Society (WJS)

World Phenomenology Institute


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